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Our Vision 

Our vision is to be the best in Turkey in the fields of Survey, Civil and Agricultural Engineering by continuously developing our successful position acquired both in and outside the country and to provide entrepreneurial and foresighted engineering services with our academic and site knowledge as well as the dynamic and qualified cadre.

- With our qualified human resources, to undertake works which can represent Turkey and leave a mark behind, 
- To train our staff continuously and take the lead in applying the innovations required by our profession and the current era, 
- To increase the quality and awareness of the working life with modern management practices, 
- To open new horizons in the sector with the future projects by combining our technical knowledge with our principles and creativity. 


 Our Mission

Our mission is to develop solutions by combining the expertise in the fields of Survey, Civil and Agricultural Engineering with the experience in work processes and by using the authentic working concept and current technology, to be creative in the design of the future and ensure sustainability.

Our Environmental Policy

As Temelfen family, we have created our environmental management system with the participation and efforts of the whole team.
Our basic principle is to give due consideration to people, society and environment.
In line with this main principle;
We declare and undertake to carry out an environmental management system that is supported by the management staff and adopted, implemented, audited, reviewed by the whole team, publicly monitored and continuously improved, by analyzing the effects and risks of our activities in our company to our colleagues, our society and the environment, and eliminating the problems to carry out necessary training and activities in order to improve the environmental awareness of our colleagues and suppliers by taking necessary preventive measures in order to prevent the pollution that may occur as a result of our activities, by continuously protecting our sensitivity and by complying with environmental regulations, standards and international regulations ensuring the participation of all our colleagues in our environmental management system and Environmental Management Systems requirements to be our guide in every aspect of our lives.

Our Quality Policy

While providing the satisfaction of the institutions/employers Temelfen provides service to, Temelfen has adopted the following quality policy.

— Adhering to the principles of Quality Management System and adopting continuous development as a principle,
— To place team awareness on all our colleagues,
— To ensure the satisfaction and motivation of our team,
— To be successful in our fields of activity by using our resources throughout the country in the most efficient and economical way,
— To follow scientific and technological developments in order to meet the requirements of the era,
— Defending the principles of business ethics and ensuring job security,
— Our quality policy is to improve our company continuously by considering the requirements of the era and to care about humanitarian values.