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  • Survey and Mapping Projects
  • Topographic Maps

    Band Maps

    Cadastral Maps

    Thermatic Maps

    Above Ground Mining Maps

    Deformation Measurements

    Special Maps

    Setting out Activities

    Dimensional Drawings

  • GPS Measurements
  • Real-Time Measurements

    Static Measurementsr

  • GIS
  • Data Acquistion

    Data Management

    Data Processing

    Data Presentation



  • Photogrametry
  • Aerial Photos

    Photogrammetric Triangulation and Block Adjustment

    Producing Numerical Maps in Every Scales From Black and White and Colour Sky Photographs


    Producing Ortophoto Maps

    Producing Digital Maps From Satellite Images

    Producing Ortophotos From Satellite İmages

  • Land Consolidation
  • Design

    Registration of New Titles

    Issuing Soil Indexes

    Land Improvements

  • Zone Plaining
  • Article 18 practices


    Parceling out - Land amalgamation

    Road Abandonement

    Local Zone Planning Practices

    Type Changes

  • Expropriation Projects
  • Road Expropriation

    Canal Expropriation

    Barrage Expropriation

    Energy Transmission Lines Expropriations

    Petroleum and Gas Lines (BOTAS) Expropriations

  • Survey Applications
  • Establishing Survey Traverse

    Horizontal and Vertical Control of Existing Traverse

    Digitization of Projects and Preparation of Setting-Out Datas

    Site Settings Out

    Site Survey

    Taking Cross-sections

    Preparing Paymnet Certificates

    Preparing Final Payment Certificates

    As-Built Drawings

    Design Revisions and Shop Drawings

  • Infrastructure
  • Roads and Highways


    Bridges and Tunnels



    Hydro Power Plants

    Dams, Ponds

    Irrigation Systems

    Flood Protection Structures

    Water Transmission Lines

    Land Consolidation Projects

  • Superstructure
  • Building Housing Projects

    Business Centers